Why do I need a guide?

Every founder needs a guide. Without one, your likelihood of losing focus is nearly 100%. When launching a new company or scaling an established one, there are a thousand steps that build to the grand vision.

Like a general contractor for a building project, LFG works to make sure you have the right people around you to complete every phase of the project. We also make sure that everyone, including you, are moving in the same direction.

When do we meet?

It works like this. After your initial discovery visit, we present a detailed report of what we heard you say, and our brainstorm of ideas. After another couple of conversations, we form a proposal. Once we have begun working, you can expect us to put in around 20 hours/month on a brand new idea.

At the end of each month, we will review success of hitting high level goals, then assess whether the amount of time we worked seems correct or whether we need to adjust for the next month.

If you like one-on-one meetings, we’ll spend an average of two hours per week face-to-face. We have various tools for keeping the project managed, in sync and on task throughout the week. We work closely.

Transparency is everything. If the budget or time-estimate is too high after a given month, we change it. Every project is dynamic.



Who do you guide?

We guide those who have a great vision but need help organizing the right team and taking the next steps. We guide those who are humbly looking for a guide to keep them on track, provide relational resources, hold them accountable, and encourage them to keep dreaming. All while ensuring the mundane details never fall through the cracks.

How much does it cost?

Every project is different. After an initial discovery visit, we will come up with a proposal that makes sense for you. But, to give you a ballpark idea, you can expect to bring us on for somewhere around $2500/month.

That’s a ballpark number until we learn more; it varies greatly depending on your project. We believe in transparency, so that’s why we’re giving you a general idea, rather than playing charades and dodging the question.

What will we talk about?

Your project involves every aspect of your life. It involves the buy-in of your spouse and/or family. It means bringing in experts to do the things you don’t know how to do, it means drawing boundaries for your life so that your vision doesn’t crush you. Projects are always complex.

Paul will have a weekly agenda based on what moves the dial forward the MOST. Sometimes it will be a branding workshop with Balernum, creation of a new strategic marketing plan, or a mandate to take two days off and go to the mountains.