You are a brave visionary and a passionate leader. You exhibit an uncanny, unwavering confidence (until there is a shiny object off to your left). Months have become years, and your vision has not faded, but it has become confused, derailed or flattened. A lot. The company you founded from passion mostly owns you, rather than you owning it.

Daily to-do lists, endless emails and pressing deadlines crush you. “Freedom is just around the corner,” you say. Next month. Or at the latest, next year. But how many years have you been saying that?

Paul knows this experience well. In the past 18 years, Paul has learned the importance of not only having a vision, but also having someone as a guide. Someone to keep you laser focused—a confidant, relentless worker, and a steady companion when you are stepping more boldly than ever before.

Paul wants to guide you back toward the big idea that made you red-line with passion at the beginning. If you feel stuck or lack direction, book a visit with Paul and see what you can discover.


Discovery Visit

We are now conducting discovery visits. Since we are only working with a small handful of founders at a time, we must make sure you and LFG are a perfect fit. Book a visit. Coffee or lunch is on us.

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Paul Hassell

An entrepreneur for 18 years, a lover of solitude, and a loyal friend, Paul Hassell defies convention at every turn. Paul isn't strictly a talented photographer; Paul is in the light business. He brings clarity, focus, and peace-of-mind to complex situations.

Being published in National Parks Magazine, Time-Life, Nature’s Best, National Wildlife, and National Geographic books is great, but it’s sharing the profound experience of life, passion and service to people that makes him come alive. 

A born teacher, he points the way to a bigger truth and deeper reality. CEO at ALIVE Photo and owner of Light Finds. He has great excitement about this new concept of Light Finds Guide, for founders who are ready to grow and scale.


Fun Facts

• Led photo workshops in the Smoky Mountains, 2005-Present.
• Founded international tour guide service to Alaska, Patagonia, and iconic national parks across America, 2011-Present.
• 30th highest-funded photography campaign in history on Kickstarter, to launch ALIVE Photo in 2015.
• Nationally-ranked gymnast for a decade (back flips upon request)
• Lives for hand-cranked ice cream (Blue Bell will do)




Jessica Johnston

Jessica has over 10 years of experience in system creation, workflow management, project oversight …basically transforming complexity into simplicity. Past work experience includes Teach for America, admission director for private schools, and project manager for nonprofits such as Invisible Children. She loves the work at Light Finds, because it allows her to focus on her two work passions: people and organization. When there’s free time, you can find her walking Cherokee Blvd with her two little girls, reading or painting.




Austin Church

Since 2009, Austin has consulted with clients in a wide range of industries. He brings clarity and helps to set direction. He is an expert in lean startup methodology, product development, sales & marketing, and culture creation.

Back in 2010, Austin married a lovely woman named Megan Pearl, and they have three children—Salem, Theo, and Ellis. They currently live in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Today, Austin is pouring out his brilliance into a branding studio called Balernum with co-founder Chris Conley. If you have a branding need or large marketing challenge to solve, you can expect we will guide you to our friends at Balernum.


Fun Facts

• 2011-2015, developed over 30 iOS and Android apps with revenues of $250,000 before selling the Bright Newt portfolio.

• 2013, he co-founded a tech startup called Closeup.fm that helps artists, influencers, and brands recognize and reward their most loyal fans while also owning their data and communication channels. (He crafted and pitched to investors from the most innovative and effective slide deck we’ve ever seen).